You have ideas. We have engineers.

Brainchild Engineering, based in the Detroit area, is an engineering service company dedicated to helping businesses, inventors, and industry professionals bring their ideas to reality. Whether you need complete product design or standalone engineering support, we can help.


You have a great idea but don’t know what to do next. You need a team of engineers to help you design a product that’s ready for market. Even if all you have is a sketch, we will develop it from concept and engineering to prototyping and design for manufacture, giving you everything you need for a successful launch into production.


We offer all levels of engineering support, from analysis and quick modifications to complete system overhaul. Whether you need rapid assistance or a long-term partner, our diverse expertise and creative problem-solving approach can help you reach solutions for your challenges.

Company DNA

Meet Our Team

Our global team delivers the best engineering talent around the clock.
  • Dan Engerer

    Director, Lead engineer
    BSME, MSMS | Oakland University

  • Michelle Tan

    Operations Manager
    BSIE | Oakland University

  • Stewart Agustin

    Project Engineer
    BSME | Nueva Vizcaya State University

  • Khalid Mostafa

    Project Engineer
    BSME, MSME (WIP) | Alexandria University

  • Aleksandar Andjelic

    Project Engineer
    BSME, MSME (wip) | University of Belgrade

  • Ivan Sferco

    Industrial Designer
    BSME (WIP) | Nueva Vizcaya State University

  • Harsimrandeep Singh

    Project Engineer
    BSIE, MBA | Thapar University

  • Mohamed Hares

    Project Engineer
    BSME, MSME (WIP) | Assuit University

  • Kevin Mark Punno

    Project Engineer
    BSME | Nueva Vizcaya State University

  • Allan Abar-Abar

    Project Engineer
    BSME | Nueva Vizcaya State University