GoBout: Designed by Brainchild

The World’s Best Multi-Dispenser

Gobout Kickstart Page

The GoBout, a portable cosmetic multi-dispenser, is a convenient new product with one goal: Simplicity

From inventor and founder Bishal Bhandari: “I started GoBout for one simple reason… I was tired of carrying too many toiletry products in my backpack.During a hiking and camping trip, I was unsatisfied with how I stored my toiletries. It took up a lot of space and often leaked. I realized there had to be a simpler way. Therefore, I set out to create the world’s most portable multi dispenser.”

GoBout store many different liquids (shampoo, toothpaste, lotion, conditioner, etc.) in one simple container. With a carrying case and deodorant add-on, this product simplifies and declutters the mobile toiletry experience. The target audience is minimalists, (particularly hikers and travelers) who don’t want to lug around a bulky, disorganized bag.

Bhandari hired Brainchild Engineering to design his product from scratch. With a plethora of personal hygiene products already flooding the market, creating something of value can be challenging. Brainchild worked closely with Bhandari to develop and perfect a product that is as simple as can be.

Simplicity is no easy task, yet it pays dividends in many ways. A simple design means a less design complexity, better user experience, less opportunity for malfunction, and perhaps most importantly, less expensive production.

Look for the GoBout to release on Kickstarter soon. Remember, just “Go be out”.