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Whatever you're looking for to help get your product built and launched, we can help.


Product Launch Accelerator

The ultimate training course and mentorship program for new product inventors. A complete, start-to-finish guide with video lessons, task lists, worksheets, pre-made templates, and more.

Ideal for inventors who: 

  • Are tight on funds
  • Aren't afraid of doing work
  • Can put in 30-60 minutes per day

Course Only

  • PLA Training Course

  • Task lists, templates, and worksheets

  • Access on any device w/ internet


Course + Support

(Most Popular)


  • Private student + Mentor group

  • Live weekly group Q&A

  • Support tickets

  • 1 month unlimited one-on-one calls


Dan's Private Mentee


  • Unlimited one-on-one calls with Dan

  • Physically meet up with Dan


Satisfaction guaranteed. All plans come with a 14-day money back guarantee. 


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Product Development


Let us bring your idea to physical reality with our world-class product development services.

Phase 1:

General Design

Phase 1 establishes the general engineering and manufacturing approach, as well as aesthetic and user experience.

Phase 2:

Detailed Engineering

Phase 2 contains all of the design and engineering work required before a prototype can be made, including 3D modeling, calculations, simulations, and more.

Phase 3: 

Amazing Prototype

Phase 3 is the fabrication, assembly, and testing/refinement of your professional working prototype in our Northville, MI facility.

Product development pricing is custom-quoted and depends on product complexity

Very simple product

  • Design, engineering, and prototyping

  • Transition to manufacturing


Simple product

  • Same as above


Medium complexity product

  • Same as above


High complexity product

  • Same as above



Done-For-You Product Development and Launch

The ultimate easy approach - we literally take you all the way from having an idea to making sales (including all steps in between). 

Ideal for inventors who: 

  • Prefer to invest money rather than time
  • Prefer total simplicity
  • Want the easiest, fastest solution possible

Includes product development, gaining seed funding, all market research and strategizing, product compliance, manufacturing kickoff, marketing, and sales setup. Everything.



Launch Package

  • Product development

  • Product launch (all steps)


+ cost of product development


Done-For-You Licensing Service

Not interested in going the "startup route"? No problem. We'll get your idea in front of companies for a licensing deal. 

Ideal for inventors who: 

  • Prefer to invest money rather than time
  • Prefer total simplicity
  • Want the easiest, fastest solution possible


Includes professional pitch package for your invention, search and identification of the best companies to submit your invention to, and idea submission to said companies. 



Licensing Package

  • Market research

  • Professional product visuals 

  • Professional video pitch presentation 

  • Submission to potential licensees



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