Computer Simulation

  • Convective Velocity Streamlines

    Natural convection simulation with simultaneous solid and fluid heat transfer (conjugate heat transfer)

  • Stress distribution

    A rainbow plot allows us to visualize stresses within a part.

Computer simulation is a powerful tool. It’s main benefits are that it is much faster and cheaper than producing and testing physical parts. Simulation also reveals information that would be extremely difficult or practically impossible to solve for by hand.

FEA (finite element analysis) is a computer-aided engineering tool which performs iterative calculations to analyze complex physical structures, and is one of the most commonly used simulations for mechanical engineers. Its main purpose is to calculate stresses and deflections under physical loads. How do you make sure your creation won’t break, yet also isn’t overdesigned? FEA speeds up the engineering process towards designing an efficient product: One that is strong enough without wasting material where it isn’t needed.

Brainchild Engineering uses Simscale for FEA and related simulation.

Simscale is a powerful and diverse program, capable of virtually all types of simulations:

  • Static and dynamic loads, including assemblies with multiple materials
  • Linear and non-linear
  • Computational fluid dynamics
  • Thermal, conjugate heat transfer
  • Vibration
  • Bolted joints
  • Plastic deformation