Physical testing is necessary to create confidence in your design. We will work closely with you to come up with a full set of engineering tests that, when successfully completed, will prove out your product in every scenario.

Computer simulation is almost always faster and cheaper than creating and testing physical parts, but physical testing must be done because a simulations are never perfect, only a best approximation. For instance, factors such as

  • Material homogeneity (materials are not perfectly consistent)
  • Equations diverge from real world behavior (example: friction is not perfectly linear)
  • Unforseen/unpredictable influences

are difficult or impossible to simulate, but can influence the final product. Testing will reveal if any such factors contribute significantly to the final product.

Some common functional prototype testing includes:

  • Performance verification
  • Efficiency
  • Maximum loads/abuse condition
  • Operation at temperature
  • EMC (Electro-magnetic compatibility)